With a total built-up area of 4,900 sq. m., the Community Centre is a major addition to a project that already contains an impressive range of amenities for its residents. Located adjacent to Nasma Residences’ 13-acre landscaped park, the Community Centre will feature a health club with swimming pool, a clinic, a nursery, a quick service restaurant and café, plus 1,230 sq. m. of retail and other services. The concept for the Nasma Residences Community Centre was designed to reflect the developer’s determination to continue adding assets to its developments, thus increasing the value of the homes based there. This Community Centre is strongly connected to the park, so Arcadia created courtyards to integrate the building with the green space and allow for privacy between the various functions, such as the nursery, gym and café areas. Arcadia also added a transparent façade system on the park side, which blurs the line between indoor and outdoor, and a discrete solid façade on the street side, making the building look more like a community center as opposed to metropolitan retail.

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