The foundation of successful projects begins here. Whether it is a new production facility or an elaborated real estate development project, our project team will provide the support needed, by analyzing the requirements and offering optimum solutions to get your project started smoothly and trouble-free.

Investigative Surveys Investigative surveys such as aerial, topographical, geotechnical, hydrological or other surveys may be necessary to provide the consultant with essential information for project feasibility studies or project execution. For surveys incurring high establishment costs, consideration should be given at this stage to obtaining any further information necessary for the design phase.

Site investigation Site investigations are necessary to determine the suitability of the site and evaluate the most appropriate foundation types for construction projects. Site conditions vary considerably and cost escalations frequently occur through unexpected site conditions. The client should discuss the effects that variable site conditions might have on the project with the consultant during the investigation phase and determine an appropriate level of investigation to reduce these risks to an acceptable level.

Land surveys Legal surveys, including redefinition of boundaries, registration of land transfer surveys, or other work of a similar nature required to be carried out by a registered surveyor.

Geotechnical and soil investigation The determination of soil parameters and the investigation of the availability of suitable soils for major projects may also be required. The detailed geotechnical investigation shall be carried out to provide the designer with sufficiently accurate information both general and specific about the substrata profile and relevant soil and rock parameters at site on the basis of which the foundation for various structures and equipment can be designed rationally.

Concept/Preliminary Design A concept/preliminary design may be necessary to determine the functional and economic feasibility of the project. Most sites are unique and cost estimates based upon similar forms of construction on other sites can be misleading.

Evaluation of alternatives A comprehensive study of alternative schemes can produce significant savings in initial costs and in operational costs during the lifetime of the project. Incorporation of innovative concepts can produce substantial savings; however, the risks associated with innovation may be significant and should be analyzed. Sufficient time should be allowed for researching and testing the concepts involved.

Establish basic concept Once the project analysis has been completed, our experts will work with you to draft a basic concept and a master plan for the project. Other services include assistance in preparing the preliminary schedule and budget for the feasibility study and support in locating the right site when requested.

Develop masterplan Preparing long term masterplans for development. It includes the proposals that are needed to plan for major change in a defined physical area. This document is concerned with “spatial masterplans”, which set out proposals for buildings, spaces, movement strategy and land use in three dimensions and match these proposals to a delivery strategy. For a masterplan to be complete it must be supported by financial, economic and social policy documents and delivery mechanisms, without which the spatial plan has little meaning or likelihood of effective implementation.

Pre feasibility and feasibility studies Feasibility and/or pre feasibility studies are necessary to determine the functional and economic viability of the project. They may include the identification and potential use of resources, the technical and economic feasibility of the development, the evaluation of alternatives, the identification of resource shortages and suggestions as to how such shortages may be overcome:

  • Project assessment studies including financial analysis
  • Concept design and layouts
  • Preliminary schedule

Special drawings and models Preparation of special drawings, models or technical information for use by the client when seeking financial grants, fund raising, making applications under statutory requirements, or negotiating with third parties.