Arcadia provides a full range of engineering, design and management services for construction projects

We take projects all the way from inception through feasibility, design, construction management and occupancy. During every stage of the development strategy, Arcadia’s specialized teams work with our valued clients to address unique project requirements, combining comprehensive services and solutions to deliver successful quality-compliant projects within established timelines and budget parameters.

Our Mission

Arcadia offers a complete range of services from the earliest project conceptual development right through to the final project closure. We tailor our services and teams to meet your needs and proposed budgets, utilizing the highest design and construction technologies with efficiency top of mind.

The practice of construction investment has changed considerably over the past three decades. Construction investments today are very complex across all aspects of a jobsite including form, structure, services, and cladding. Building elements are much more tightly designed, and the expected timeframes for project delivery has been significantly reduced, from inception stages to completion stages of projects. Pressure has also increased on all players with more disciplines involved in the scope, planning, design and construction of buildings, thus greater levels of expertise are needed.

We perform under pressure, show initiative and apply lateral thinking to solving architectural and engineering challenges. We offer feasibility-related advice on the best ways to carry out your project, from concept to completion. Arcadia ensures in-depth quality analysis and optimal solutions for your project-related needs.


Arcadia established its presence in the Romanian market in 1993. Since the founding of the firm, we focus on individual expertise while encouraging teamwork, innovation and initiative, with a shared view of quality standards. Based in Bucharest, Arcadia is headed by Director General Florin Nistor, with Technical Director Cristian Chiriazi.

Whether in architectural concept, engineering and design, building construction management or another industry related field, we have highly skilled professionals waiting to meet client needs. The members of our staff have the education, experience and knowledge that enable them to find the right solutions. Our company has a strong and diversely credentialed staff with varying experience and all engineering employees have professional degrees. We perform with experts skilled to lead and execute highly successful and multidisciplinary projects. Where special skills are required, such as geotechnical investigations and survey, we work with specialized companies. We have excellent IT and communication infrastructure, and our teams use the latest available industry standard programs.

Influenced by the needs of our clients, in 2008 we decided to extend our range of services from construction design to business development, design, and construction management. Beginning to scale outside of the Romanian market in 2010, we began to execute projects in the wider Eastern European region. In early 2014, we began our international footprint with a great deal of design execution in Dubai the United Arab Emirates.

We continue to build on our established reputation of delivery and continuously strive to improve our service level.


When your needs request high-expertise on engineering design and construction projects, Arcadia is the go-to engineering design company for technically-innovative and winning results.

The way we stand as a business and how we interact with the world as a member of the business community, as an employer and as a consumer, is driven by integrity, innovation and collaboration.

Arcadia takes corporate responsibility seriously. Our mission is to engage and advance our staff and stakeholder partners toward sustainable projects. We behave responsibly and we are continually improving in all fields of our activities within the workplace, the marketplace and the community.

We strive to provide a company that people are proud to work for, recognizing the importance of sustainability and showing respect for the communities living in the areas where we work.

Ethics and Integrity Arcadia operates from an area of no vested interests. Our role includes holding the ring as honest brokers. We are correct in all meanings of the word and tell our clients what they must hear. We take account of the human factors and we are prepared to listen, but then set out our interpretation of the actual position with firmness and clarity. We reinforce our cultural values in many positive ways and we run the necessary verification in order to maintain our standards. We believe integrity begins with the people at the top and must continue at all levels of leadership, including the smallest groups.

Policy on Quality Arcadia is committed to undertaking its business activities in a responsible manner, thereby maintaining the trust, respect and confidence of its customers, joint venture partners, suppliers and sub-contractors. This commitment ensures that the reputation of all the parties involved is maintained and enhanced. We strive to improve all areas of our business through knowledge, understanding and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and accepted standards, innovative ideas and practical solutions. Every employee plays an active part in supporting the implemented policy of Arcadia and remains responsible for our actions.

Environment and Sustainability Delivering successful solutions that show respect for the environment is a core ideology of our business model. We continue to research and check the energy and environmental impact of the construction and operation of buildings. We play a significant role as a leading advisor to major clients. We know that clients want their buildings to use less energy, produce less CO2, use less water and create less waste during construction and operation.

Health and Safety Arcadia aims at achieving the highest standard of health and safety performance in all its products, services and work activities. Effective management of health and safety, which is one part of our commitment to continuous improvement, is essential for the company’s overall business performance and for the success of all our projects. However, our focus on safety reaches far beyond simply protecting the interests and employees of Arcadia. To achieve this, our technical employees undertake refresher courses, as required, in order to maintain their knowledge of safety issues. We certify that our staff is well trained in the respect of health and safety.

Privacy We value your privacy.  You can access our full Privacy Policy here. Any information you give to Arcadia will be held with the utmost care. Any information subject to the agreement signed between Arcadia and its partners will be treated as the proprietary and confidential information of the disclosing party. Arcadia will not disclose the information to any other person or entity except as authorized herein, and will safeguard the information at least to its extent. Arcadia will immediately notify the disclosing party of any request by any third party for the information to be disclosed and will cooperate with the disclosing party in its efforts to protect the information from disclosure. All information delivered pursuant to our agreements will be and will remain the property of the disclosing party, and any documents containing or reflecting the information, as well as all copies thereof, will be promptly returned to the disclosing party upon written request, or destroyed at the disclosing party’s option.