We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to provide our clients with fully integrated project delivery services that set new standards in terms of quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.

We offer a full range of alternative delivery methods and pricing options tailored to fit the client’s expectations. We tailor the specific delivery system, project approach and pricing structure to fit the requirements, for successful project solutions and outcomes.

Project Management

Project management activities are necessary in every project. Our project services incorporates entire process for managing of a construction project through all of its stages, from the initial request to the completion. Project management may include:

  • Scope development, analyse and review
  • Establish sets of processes and procedures
  • Develop project communication plan
  • Project planning
  • Project cost and budget control
  • Project quality control
  • Project risks management
  • Management of procurements
  • Contract administration and management of contractors and suppliers
  • Evaluate project key performance indicators
  • Support for project acceptance

 Construction Management

Arcadia offers complete construction services able to add value on your project. We use cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thinking to meet client needs. We accomplish this with specialized teams that are comprised of both project management and site supervision professionals. Construction management services may include:

 Design Phase

  • Development of the overall project concept
  • Advice on materials and equipment
  • Evaluates alternative design concepts, materials and systems
  • Provide Value Engineering (VE)
  • Develop project work breakdown structure and updates as the design progresses
  • Develop project schedule and updates it as the design progresses
  • Construction cost estimate and updates as the design progresses
  • Prepare and manage bid phase

 Construction Phase

  • Ensures that all necessary construction permits and approvals are obtained
  • Detailed project-specific stages
  • Define procurement and subcontractors administration procedures
  • Implement and administrate contracts
  • Coordinates and supervise work of all trade contracts
  • Establish and administer the health and safety program for the site
  • Perform project risk management in order to assess, manage and mitigate risks
  • Implement and manage change control process
  • Submit progress reports, including construction cost and schedule updates
  • Ensures record drawings, operating and maintenance data
  • Inspects the work for defects and deficiencies
  • Interface with all inspection and testing agencies

 Post-Construction Phase

  • Assists the Owner’s operating staff to ensure a smooth take-over
  • Administers warranties provided by trade contractors and suppliers
  • Post-occupancy evaluation