Arcadia, as the General Designer of the Mihai Flamaropol Rink, is responsible for the master-planning, architecture, permitting, structure, MEP, as well as International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) compliance in adherence with the IIHF Ice Rink Guide. These requirements alone included everything from camera positioning onsite to locker room design, with extremely detailed parameters and stipulations. The scope of design work, from inception stage to detailing, is part of Arcadia’s purview for the large-scale project. The trapezoid building is flanked on one side by easily accessible parking from the main boulevard, allowing for 119 cars plus media vehicles and team busses/shuttles.

Originally awarded in June 2015, the execution of work is currently underway and designs were developed by Arcadia using BIM modelling. Scheduled for completion in two years, the new facility is located in the National Sports Complex in Eastern Bucharest near the National Arena with Louis Berger acting as the client’s project consultant. The full land plot, owned by the Bucharest Municipality, inclusive of parking space is 26,319 sq. m. with total built up area 19,511 sq. m., and footprint (ground floor) at a total of 9573 sq. m.

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