Working closely with general contractor Bog’Art, Arcadia is currently onsite at The Bridge business park. The first multi-storey building in Bucharest to be built with precast framework, the structure’s sections were created in the factory then assembled onsite. The benefits of precast fabrication method are several, and can be felt all through the process from design stages all the way to construction and erection. Frames cast in the factory reduce jobsite operation time resulting in cost savings and top notch quality control.

The mixed use building, conceptualized by real estate investment and development company Forte Partners, will have a total a total built surface of 52,000 sq. m. Nine additional floors will be erected over the next few months.

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Business Garden Bucharest by Vastint
Arcadia Engineering has been appointed as General Designer for Business Garden Bucharest by contractor PORR Construct. The project, by developer VASTINT Romania, is scheduled for completion in 2018