Arcadia has commenced work on The Bridge business park in Bucharest, Romania. The multi-storey building, conceptualized by real estate investment and development company Forte Partners, will have a total a total built surface of 52,000 sq. m., with a Phase One completion date projected for September 2017. Forte Partners announced the appointment of general contractor Bog’Art in June 2016, adding that the company would be responsible for Phase One of the two-part project. Based on a joint venture agreement with Bog’Art, Arcadia Engineering is involved in the structural design in Phase One of The Bridge, which includes an 11-storey building and two underground levels with a projected erection timeline of approximately six months followed by an external and internal fit-out timeline of eight months.

Arcadia’s implementation of Japanese Splice Sleeve NMB technology serves to address the challenges of Romania’s Vrancea fault and other seismic zones. “The first multi-storey building in Bucharest to be built with precast framework, The Bridge is an efficient jobsite as the structure’s sections will be created in the factory then assembled onsite,” explained Eng. Florin Nistor Chinole, founding partner, Arcadia. “The benefits of precast fabrication method are several, and can be felt all through the process from design stages all the way to construction and erection. To begin with, frames cast in the factory reduce jobsite operation time resulting in cost savings. In terms of top notch quality control, casting in situ isn’t optimal as generalist onsite workers may lack the necessary training, whereas casting in factory means that trained specialists are working with the materials. Another significant benefit of precast fabrication – that results in efficiency across both timelines and budgeting – is that it mitigates interdisciplinary collisions. Precast ensures that there is coordination of design and execution, thereby reducing the margin of human error, and potential design flaws or missteps.”

Mega Mall in Bucharest, Romania, with a 220,000 sq. m. built up area and was distinguished as “Building of the Year” at the 2016 CEEQA Gala (Central Eastern European Quality Awards)

According to Forte Partners, The Bridge office development provides approximately 59,500 sq. m. built area of Class A office accommodation, served by a basement of approximately 23,400 sq m., with a leading Romanian financial institution confirming that its headquarters and retail outlet are to be situated in the new development. The Bridge collaboration between Bog’Art and Arcadia is the third successful joint undertaking between the two companies, with the first being Mega Mall in Bucharest, a New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) project. The frame of the €165 million Mega Mall was built in just nine months, and Arcadia Engineering implemented Splice Sleeve NMB technology in this structure, which boasts a 220,000 sq. m. built up area and was distinguished as “Building of the Year” at the 2016 CEEQA Gala (Central Eastern European Quality Awards).

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